Kidzania is a new family entertainment center, a child-sized replica of a real city, with buildings, shops and theaters, as well as vehicles and pedestrians moving along its streets. In this city, children, aged 2 through 15, learn about the adult world, and the value of money and work, by experiencing up to 70 different professions.

Kidzania is the brainchild of Mexican entrepreneur Xavier López Ancona, chief executive of La Ciudad de los Niños. The first Kidzania opened in 1999 in Santa Fe Shopping Mall in Mexico City. The second opened in May in Monterrey, also in Mexico. The third Kidzania is located in Lalaport, Tokyo, Japan.

The newest Kidzania opened in November 2007 in Pacific Place, a new shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is the first of its kind in South East Asia.

More are scheduled to open in Dubai and also in Seoul in 2008.

Kidzania—an amusement park that gives children ages 2 through 15 the chance to try on up to 70 different career options and get a taste for real-world commerce in a pint-sized replica city.

Kidzania offers all the hustle and bustle of big city life, with buildings and shops and pedestrian-filled streets.

To reward them for their hard work, children earn salaries in Kidzos—the official currency of Kidzania—which they can spend on goods and services throughout the park. And since a penny saved is a penny earned, they're encouraged to put their Kidzos into bank accounts which they can access through special ATMs.

It's a hit among sponsors, too, who get the opportunity to introduce their brands—and their trades—to the younger set through a unique interactive experience. Entrepreneurs looking to invest big in a hot franchise may want to take a look! Same goes for any food or toy brands looking for alternative marketing avenues.

That's because KidZania is just for kids under 12. There kids can have many kinds of Job experience. For example, fire fighters, flight attendants, doctors, bankers, pizza shop clarks, and so on ... more than 70kinds.

KidZania is a very town for kids , whose size is 2/3, and there are a hospital, a TV station ,a hair salon ,a bank ,a theater, a airport and much more. It is a just miniture of the real, because many company have invested a lot as a sponsor.

Kids can get instrucutions and put on the uniforms before they work, and have a part of job, after they finishes their job, they can get salary by their current money called "Kizos" that they can used only inside KidZania! And then they can use their money to get food, and shopping ...

Sounds fun , isn't it??? Not only fun, kids can understand economy.
I read some blogs that wrriten by mothers about their kids' Kidzania experience, most of them seemed satisfied.
Oh, I want to go. It is not allow to enter only adults there, and even inside park adults can jutt watch kids.
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